Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Are We Doing?

As we sit here listening to Frank Sinatra on vinyl and baking pumpkin doughnut muffins for Cassie Jo's life group tonight, we have now decided to actually go forward with this blog. Many people have told us that we should blog about all of our little adventures and mishaps as we are trying to figure out the secrets of life here in the wonderful Waco, Texas. So, here it is... our very own BLOG! I guess this first blog post is to show that it's actually beginning... So, to clear the air, here is an overview of what exactly our blog is about...

We are two best friends who are in this "limbo" in life. We're not students in college anymore, but we're not exactly adults either... With our semester-late graduation around the corner, we are trying to figure out how to enter into the "real world," and not only is it scary, it's hard... but it's so SO much fun. I guess the biggest reason we wanted to make this blog is because Cassie Jo and I (Chandler) are in interesting positions... Cassie is recently married to Brock, and I am seriously dating Franklin, two men who are nine years older than us! So, we have been placed on the fast-track to adulthood, yet, we are still VERY young!

Therefore, this blog exists... We want to help other young ladies who are in this same time in their lives as we are... trying to grow up, but not QUITE ready for it! Here on this blog, we will be dishing out our thoughts on everything from throwing showers to cooking dinner, to doing dishes, to surviving your first year of marriage, to dressing up for the holidays to applying to jobs to planning fun little events! Surely this will be fun to read, as we are just trying to figure out this little thing called life... oh yeah... and this other thing called being a woman... HAH!

So, hold on tight, because this is going to be a fun (and funny) ride!! Hopefully you'll enjoy reading about it as much as we enjoy living it!

-Love, Cassie Jo and Chandler
Chandler on the left and the beautiful bride, Cassie Jo on the right!

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