Friday, November 5, 2010


Chandler burst into my life like a breath of fresh air—no! actually a GUST! Ever since we became friends not a day goes by when I am not thankful to God for sending her to me!!

Channy as I lovingly like to call her is one spit-fire of a girl and an expert at just about everything in her short 22 years on this Earth -- and she is certainly not afraid to let anyone she comes in contact with know it. She boldly confronts litterers, bullies, rude UT fans and in general anyone who has the nerve to be rude to someone she loves. I LOVE this about Chandler - I know this girl always has my back - SHE'S SUCH A BLESSING TO ME.

Chandler grew up in Austin, Texas and comes from an incredible and unique family - think Jones-Trapp (Von Trapp - yes I'm obsessed with The Sound of Music) they don't have seven children, but they do have five and are all talented and adorable individuals and Chandler is the eldest - making her Liesle who is by far my favorite - NO WONDER I ADORE CHAN.

 Channy has the best love-story to tell... Once upon a time, close to two years ago there was a fashionable, beautiful young woman named Charlotte Chandler Jones. She had attended Baylor for several years and then one day agreed to go on a blind date one of her dear friends had set up. Enter the charming, kind, patient Franklin... 
After a whirlwind of the first several months (including a weekend visit from Franklin while Chandler was in Argentina) ... LOVE. I adore these two together - their personalities and strengths compliment each other in such an awesome way.
C….Cute as a Button!!
H….Happy as a clam (she's literally always a pick-me-up to be around)
A….Agile in her excersize class (HELLO ZUMBA)
N….Never without Starbucks
D….Divinely inspired
L….Loves her dog Pudge
E….Excels in baking (Gluten free!)
R….Rocks my world with her look on life!

I am so honored to call such an incredibly talented, BEAUTIFUL, encouraging, CHRIST-CENTERED loving, funny, RELIABLE girl one of my best friends...

Cassie Jo

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  1. You two are very blessed to have each other as friends. Cherish this time together!