Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2011 for a Murphy

So I am writing to you all over a bowl of roasted balsamic brussel spouts – heavy on the shaved parmesan and cracked pepper – delicious right? They could easily be my guilty pleasure (recipe to follow). B is at the Baylor men’s basketball game so I’ll take advantage of this little slice of time to update you on the Murphy’s 2011.

December 2010 – January 2011 consisted of a graduation from Baylor (mine & Channy’s), Christmas with B’s family here in Waco and I landed my first job selling advertising space here at a local city magazine – I was thrilled and it was a great learning opportunity but I could only hack the cold-calling for about 8 months and have been at a local boutique ever since.

 Here I am with Jam and Dad – I miss them so much.

February 2011 - I welcomed my first niece, she’s adorable and thankfully lives within driving distance, which makes visits frequent - which makes me a happy Sassy (that’s what my 3 nephews call me).

March 2011 – Chan officially became “The Future Mrs. Hatchett” – y’all it was so hard to keep my excitement over her upcoming engagement quiet – Franklin had filled me in a few weeks in advance and I could have popped – thankfully Chan never caught on to my giddiness and she was one surprised girl.

April 2011 – what even happened in April? I’m not quite sure – I do know I went home to Pennsylvania all by myself for a long weekend with my parents. I love my trips home. They consistently consist of extremely good cheese, wine, vegetables, pasta and steak. To make that list even better Jam and Dad often let me order two different desserts. Then I spend the morning watching Joyce Meyer with Jam, followed by a work out DVD then a little shopping or napping before we eat again. I really miss them - did I already say that? Ooh and I go home 5 lbs heavier – but who cares.

May 2011 – B and I went to Napa and San Francisco for a week with some dear friends of ours and had the time of our lives – of course we had to leave LAX on our layover so B could get In N Out – here he is – happy camper.

                      Caviar on Potato Chips at Swanson Vineyard

Lucy pup and I at Venge Vineyards – she just followed us around the property and sat at our feet during every tasting.

B and I at Venge – this was by far our favorite vineyard – we ended up becoming members of their wine guild and receive shipments 3 times a year – we now get to celebrate all of our special occasions with one of their bottles and just love it!

Here we are partaking in a cave tour – it was fabulous and so fun to drink right out of the barrels.

And of course we finished off our trip with a San Francisco Giant’s game.

Then we came home and planted a garden. Most of it died.


June 2011 –  MEET LAINEY MAE

Ooh GOSH do we love her! Here she is on the day we brought her home. Of course she has a crocheted eggplant squeaker. Well had. She ate it around 7 months of age.

Then B had a birthday; I made The Pioneer Woman’s Dr. Pepper puller pork sandwiches with jalapeño cilantro slaw – they are delicious and now a go-to recipe of mine.

Here she is with her little water mustache.

July 2011 - We were able to spend 10 days with my family in southern Colorado – the trip started with our 4 am departure – I was ecstatic, clearly.

14 hours later we arrived and had such a great time with my siblings, parents and 3 nephews, there is nothing like family and there is nothing like Colorado.

This is where Lainey Mae started sleeping at the end of July. Love her.

She also gets to go to Lowe’s until she threw up in the cart on her 3rd trip, you see she get’s cart sick.

August 2011 – There was the 3rd Annual Tomato Festival – which I’ll save for a post all of its own.

September – December of 2011 was an absolute blur – jam-packed with 7 home football games, lots of company, showers for the sweet bride-to-be and a blow-out bachelorette party in Cabo for Chan, then Thanksgiving, Chandler and Franklin’s wedding (which was the wedding of ALL weddings, seriously stunning, breathtaking and flat out fabulous). Then B and I spent Christmas in Pennsylvania and welcomed the New Year here in Waco.
Baylor Homecoming

 So back to the brussel sprouts –
-       1 bundle of brussel sprouts, rinsed + halved
-       ¼ balsamic vinegar
-       2 tablespoons olive oil
-       salt and pepper

-        Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees and line a cookie sheet with foil. Toss the brussels with the vinegar and oil and spread them out on the cookie sheet.
-       Sprinkle with salt and lots and lots of fresh pepper.
-       Roast in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Once plated garnish with plenty of shaved parmesan and ENJOY!

-xoxo  Cassie Jo

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